How To: Sign up for a free blog

How To: Sign up for a free blog

Starting a blog is easy and all it takes is practice to really get into it. To get you started, we’ve put together a quick guide to help you get off the ground. Signing up is easy, all you need to do is choose where you want to start. Most blogs are either created through Blogger or WordPress. Both are free and it boils down to personal choice when choosing. To make it easier, we’re just going to outline the process for WordPress below.

1. Go to and enter the site address you want. Many addresses are already taken, but WordPress will let you know at the next step. Select ‘Create Website‘.


2. Enter your email address, your preferred username and a password. Note that my site name already exists, so in the same box you can type different names to check whether they haven’t been used yet. Only once you have selected a blog address that no one else has used before will WordPress let you proceed.


3. Once you have chosen a name you can scroll down to the bottom of the page and select ‘Create Blog‘.


4.  On the next screen you will be prompted to set a Blog Title. This is the Blog name that readers will see at the top of your blog. You can also set the Tagline, which is just a description of your site. Select ‘Next Step‘.wordpress5

5. Choose a Theme. A theme is the actual layout and look of your site. This determines what readers will see when they come to your blog address. You can change this at any time. Select ‘Next Step

6. Customize your Theme. This is not a compulsory step right now because you can always go to ‘Appearance – Customize’ once your blog is set up. Select ‘Next Step‘.

7. If you do have a Twitter and Facebook account, connect with them and then select ‘Next Step‘.

8. You can now write your first blog post. You can delete this at a later stage or choose to ‘Skip this Step‘ and come back to it after you’ve got some skills from our Write Stuff Workshop.

9. Your site is now officially set up. You can access it by logging in to and going to your Dashboard.


Happy Blogging!