Thinking about getting a custom domain?

Thinking about getting a custom domain?

The word on the street is that people aren’t sure about domain names. Some aren’t willing to pay, some just don’t know how. Owning your domain name is completely different to hosting your own site. There is not doubt about it though, owning your domain name only has advantages;

1. It’s more professional

2. Makes sharing your link easier.

3. Often bloggers only decide to buy their domain name long after they start their blog, only to find that the name has already been taken. Don’t let it happen to you.

4. Love those email addresses? You can have them too,

Buying your domain name is easy if you are already with or Blogger. All you need is a credit card(and now cheque card).


A domain costs $18 a year at and incurs no extra charges. Buying your domain through WordPress is fairly simple and you don’t have to deal with any of the technical details. Your DNS settings are done for you by WordPress.

All you need to know is on the support site.


For Professional and long-term blogs our host of choice is WordPress, but Blogger has many advantages as well.

Buying your domain through Blogger is also simple and only costs $10 a year.

All you need to know is at the Blogger Help Centre¬†under ‘Buy a Custom Domain from Blogger’.

Buying your domain through ANOTHER provider.

This is where it gets tricky. Buying your domain through another provider adds an extra step to the process, you will have to go and buy the domain yourself and then set up the details in WordPress or Blogger. Many international retailers are cheaper than South African retailers but we prefer to use South African service providers for the one reason that they are responsive and reliable.

You can buy your domain through Afrihost or WebAfrica, both of which offer great value for money.

If you do have a blog and are even considering buying the custom domain for your blog. You should do it right NOW!