Think blogging is just about free stuff?

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Here at Ladybloggers we know about the hard work that goes into blogging, but it doesn’t look like everyone else does! Yesterday when we read the post by Leigh from Lipglossismylife we just had to post it here!

She bares the truth and shares some success tips with us like;

” Retweeting any compliments you get from your readers makes you look like a douche.”


Attend a zillion crap events with no glamour, goodie bags or booze simply to network.”

and another gem;

If you bullshit your readers you will lose them. Accept that remaining honest might mean saying no to expensive freebies based on the simple fact that you couldn’t recommend them to a friend. I mean come on; how on Earth are you going to convince someone they simply have to own a R300 nail polish?”

Want to read more? Read the rest of the article at her blog.